About us

Xiamen Newtop Electric Co,.Ltd.was established in 1993,from a company majored in economic and technology development to a comprehensive group company on science, industry and trade now, and had a branch company respectively in Zhejiang Ningbo, Zhejiang ,& Zhangzhou Fujian. We has focused on developing and manufacturing mechanical and electrical components, and provided excellent quality, good service for famous enterprises at home and abroad in the 18 years.

The main products of the company are as follows, main parts of switch operator , storage of body parts, conductive parts, transmission parts, such as the contact arm, special transmission parts, pins, precision sheetmetal, special processing of nonferrous metals, etc. Process a wide range of complete cooperation, as well as mechanical, instrumentation, electrical and other parts of the industry to provide precise and reliable.

“Be creative and dare to scare new heights” is insisted from the beginning of the plant till now. We aim at the quality of survival, innovation and development. Continuous improvement, continuous expansion ; good faith management, practical work. Welcome customers both at home and abroad to pay a visit to our factory.

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